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Public Relations

Public Relations is the backbone of every successful marketing communications campaign. Our team can help you tell the stories at the heart of what you do. Our Clients trust us with their stories and we take that seriously.

Reputation, Relationships and Results

Public relations is a strategic tool that leverages relationships to build brands, so they stand out among the competition At Absolutely Yours, we take pride in establishing our clients as market leaders. By integrating traditional public relations with digital media, we will make sure your story gets told. Our formula is simple: reputation, relationships and results. The better the reputation we create for your business, the more relationships you will build. More relationships yield more results.

Content Marketing

You need to create and distribute content that people will actively seek out, eagerly consume and happily share, to grow and maintain your audience. Great content begins with creating memorable key messages and connecting your value proposition to your target audience’s needs. Digital media and social media have made content central to public relations. We partner with businesses and associations to add the human touch and personalize content, which is the next evolution of marketing.

Media Relations

The world of public relations has changed. Customers are more discerning than ever and securing traditional media coverage is more complex. Absolutely Yours is on the leading edge of today’s public relations. We research, analyze and execute a targeted media relations campaign, specifically designed to address a business’ needs. A critical component of any public relations strategy is frequently working with the media. It’s not just what you know, but who you know. We combine expert media relations, with new approaches, to engage your audience with the right message every time. We’ll get your story told, by putting you in touch with the right people, at the right time.

Telling your story in person is sometimes necessary to make the right impact. Whether you need help coordinating press events or securing speaking opportunities to establish your executives as industry leaders, we know how to position your experts and actively seek out opportunities to turn your business into a trusted resource.

Through a holistic approach, you’ll gain targeted leads, increase traffic and build a strong brand, by using a mix of traditional and digital media. Our team takes the guesswork out of the process and delivers real ROI.

Influencer Marketing

There are many reasons why businesses should add influencer marketing to the mix, including improved credibility, in addition to increased sales. Influencers have been a part of the marketing and branding game for decades. In the past, they were almost always local celebrities, athletes etc. That’s not the case now. Every day people are up-and-coming influencers. They’ve built a large following, with high engagement, between their niche industry and their followers. They can support your marketing efforts through social media, video and other content, as well as reviews of a product. Leveraging networks of influencers in your industry is a fast track to greater brand awareness and credibility. We’ll connect you with the biggest and most prominent influencers, to get your stories told. At Absolutely Yours, we can help you identify and cultivate relationships with influencers, who fit with your brand and can drive awareness of your mission.